Real pearl (moti) gemstone


Real pearl (moti) 5.5 cts or 6.25 Ratti gemstone 92.5 Sterling.

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Real pearl (moti) 5.5 cts or 6.25 ratti gemstone 92.5 Sterling.

Pearl gemstone is the symbol of wisdom, purity, wealth. Moon in astrology, is called the ruling planet of emotion and is associated with providing calmness & tranquillity. It enhances the power of the moon, which signifies softness, charming eyes, family, life & a steady mind with many other good things. Pearl is needed by people with fiery temperament who seem to lack the water element as well as it plays the role of creating balance & providing cooling energy. Also, it helps in solving a variety of life problems. People who have cancer as a zodiac they’ll have more benefit or effective result from pearl gemstone.



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