Shri Navgraha Yantra | श्री नवग्रह यन्त्रम


The one and only  Shri Navgraha Yantra helps to bring happiness, and prosperity to our lives. It also…

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The one and only  Shri Navgraha Yantra   helps to bring happiness, and prosperity to our lives. It also provides relief in health-related problems and debts. Helps in achieving success by removing the difficulties in the person’s life. And brings happiness and prosperity.

Also,  it protects us from nine planets &, nine directions. Nine planets in Sri Navagraha Yantra have a special shape called Navagraha Yantra. Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Guru, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, the yantra of these nine planets sit together in their respective directions. These planets affect the thinking of man, his thoughts, his mind, and his brain. In ancient astrology, this yantra was used to attract positive energy of different types and the shape of the bodies of God.

श्री नवग्रह यन्त्रम | Shri Navgrah Yantra


The Yantra has a mixture of fragrance, rare, miraculous, astonishing herbs, which makes its effect, even better as well as this Yantra has a wonderful fragrance that bestows prosperity and peace in our lives.


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