Siddh Shiva Men’s Bracelet


“Siddh Shiva Bracelet”  The wondrous Bracelet…..

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“Siddh Shiva Bracelet”  The wondrous Bracelet, Best to help you Know what is right and what is wrong. One who gets so many problems Making decisions quickly can try this out.

Shiva Bracelet awakens the power of intuition and sixth sense of the wearer by strengthening the Ajna chakra. As well as it protects its wearer from Evil Spirit &  black magic.

This Bracelet is also helpful if the planet Saturn is malefic in the horoscope or if the person is under the sade sati of Saturn.  It also helps the one who is physically or mentally weak, The wearer can have loads of benefits as it improves health and wealth in one’s life.  It is Naturally combined with both Copper & Brass. Fully Adjustable for the wearer.  Made up of Brass with  No Coating & Unique Finishing Touch.




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