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We have been used many different varieties of soaps till now. when we were a child we just used to think that soaps are just used for cleaning ourselves and that’s it. but as time flies… we start caring for ourselves and started thinking about our skin or personality…

Looking good is the thing that everyone desires for. and in this (chasing the best kinda thing) we had changed many different soaps.  just for the best results, we had been visited too many products and many people’s cheapy advises, some say that the pink soap is the best choice but some say no the green soap will be the best, some say this some says that… this and that …ugh… too much confusion.

What to choose? what not? whom to believe? whom not?  some seem really harsh and full of chemicals and some are like ufff…all that sulfuric. well… instead of going here and there, why not use handmade soaps.

They’re non – sulfuric and crafted with loads of love and care. And who the damn would dislike handmade soaps. They are too much … like they’re wow… I mean they are cold-pressed ( the oils you need for your skin ), they are lovely to use, & good for your skin health ( no harshness, no side effects, naturally made, feel soft & gentle to your skin .) 

and the best part is….it feels really great ( the freshness … & the fragrance …Ermm …wow…) and it has so many it…  Antibiotic soap or antibacterial or Antifungal and… anti scabies as well. so, it Is fit for anyone.  Also, it will repair your skin cells and will help you to say goodbye to skin damage. so, let’s party woohoo… 

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